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What started as a school project in 2019 quickly gained a following as a rapidly growing women's ski group that blew up from being a Bow Valley local crew to a North America wide community. Womb Tang is known for showcasing unique talent, connecting gorls of all abilities to ski together, and creating sassy but classy content @wombcork !!!

Womb Tang is a female-owned and operated organization that's dedicated to creating an inclusive space for trans, femme, women, and non-binary folks of all ability levels to network, progress, and no longer have to ski with the “all-boys club.” We want to change the historical “token chick” standard of inclusivity in outdoor sports by creating a badass crew that any gender would want to be a part of.

The ski industry has always been a masculine space that lacks the dynamic to consider things through the female gaze. Performing like a dude, learning like a dude, and progressing like a dude is the current standard. We want to change that! Womb Tang is all about creating a space for babes to express themselves however they damn please. We are all unique and deserve a community that supports that! On and off the hill.

We are using our platform to grow a community that will inspire the industry and its culture to change across North America. This isn’t just about skiing with your girlfriends, it’s a m.f. movement. We are able to amplify our voices when we support and uplift each other; we turn heads when we get off of chair lifts; we have boys wishing they could shred with us. We are creating a new vibe for future shredders to feel like they belong in an industry that is historically exclusive and riddled with socio-economic barriers for marginalized groups. We exist to change the game!

We want to show the world that femininity exists on a spectrum while remaining both powerful and strong. There are so many different ways to express it and not a single one detracts from our value as skiers/snowboarders. We're here to break the mold and leave a new one in our wake. The outdoor sports economy is in desperate need of a systemic makeover to reflect our beautifully diverse and growing population. We want to help marginalized groups—women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC—get the representation, funding, gear, opportunities, and community support that they need to thrive in their own lane and push outdoor sports to a whole other level.


Ride or die, baby! But do it for INCLUSIVITY.

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Co-Founder, CE(hoe)

Partially dedicated ski racer turned "Stunt Nugget." Find Tori working on her thicc-ness in the backcountry or jumping off dumb stuff around any of the SkiBig3 resorts. Keeping the dream alive as a third-gen ski bum in the Rockies. Ride or die baby! But do it for the girls!!!

Nicole weaver


CEO, Partnership Görl


Living for the girls and the gays, you can find Nicole in Salt Lake City. She is the Wasatch's unofficial charcuterie queen and you can catch her trying to ride her bike every month of the year. A big fan of prosecco, gorls days, and getting out on the trails for the sake of getting out and having fun!


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